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October 17th and 28th, 2014 


Exchange 101

Oct  21st, Oct 22nd, Oct 29th and Nov 10th

International Alumni Networking Night - Thurs. Oct 23


CIE Origami Night - Fri. Oct 24th


JET Programme Information Session - Fri. Oct 24th


Science and Engineering Summer Research Info Sessions


Cultural Cusine: Barrio Fiesta (Filipino Fusion) - Tues. Oct 28


Mindful Moments - every Thursday, 4pm
Tue. November 4th 12-3pm (UTSC)
Wed. November 5th 11am-3pm (UTM)
Thur. November 6th 11am-3pm (CIE)


Learning to Love Winter Information Sessions - Nov. 5 and 10


A CIC presentation is available at the CIE webpage about permanent residency.


CIC and Opportunities Ontario answer frequently asked permanent residency questions


Safety Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation and Transfer Credit Sessions


Travel Alert

Please check the DFATD website for country specific travel advisories.



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